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I am a Tel Aviv based American Israeli attorney with affiliated offices in Jerusalem and Haifa. I have been practicing law for well over a decade. I have been licensed to practice law in Israel, New York, and New Jersey. One of the focal points of our family law practice is to help people who are going through one of the hardest periods of their lives, in order to maximize the outcome for them during the divorce process. Sometimes, this means negotiating on our clients` behaves and drafting a comprehensive divorce agreement. Sometimes, this means litigating with our clients` spouses. Every time this means lending a listening ear and giving the emotional support that our clients have come to expect from us. Please feel free to call us to arrange for a free initial phone consultation. U.S. Tel: (201) 696 - 3947 Israel Tel: (077) 200 - 8161 email: jay.hait@orcheidin.co.il

International Divorce

What do you do if you and your spouse live in different countries?


Both the Rabbinic court and the secular Family court? How does it work?

Divorce Agreements

The best way to get divorced is by agreement if you and your spouse are able to.

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